We love eyes that shine in all colors, especially on holidays. We’re talking inverted cat eyes with glitter, glitter-studded creases and more. If you’re intimidated by this trend and want to learn how to make up your eyes with glitter, take a look at these five Instagram-worthy looks.

Classic with a touch of originality

Replace your famous black wing with an inverted cat eye – with beautiful black glitter – for a fresh, festive take on a classic. Check out our inverted cat eye tutorial here.

Glittery wings

@makeupbyliz1013 adds a bold cut crease by adding a glittery wing from the inner to outer corner. For this look, dip a small beveled brush into a shimmery eyeshadow (we love the Valentino Dream Dust Glitter Eyeshadow in Go for Gold) and gently drag it along the lash line to create a wing.

Everything that glitters

Here @glambyfnda shows us how to achieve the coolest graphic look with green glitter. Using a shimmering metallic pigment, like Valentino Beauty Dreamdust eyeshadow from Emerald Queen, she traces the upper lash line and creates a clear V in the outer corner.

Sequins in the crease.

Make like @majda_zabz and add extra glitter to a glamorous look by tracing your crease with gold glitter. Bonus: Sprinkle glitter in the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lash line to accentuate your eyes.

Double glitter look

This look from @nadgbeauty shows you how to get creative with glitter on the upper lash line and in the crease. She draws two different lines – one after the crease and the other along the upper lash line – with sapphire, shiny glitter for a double-handle look.

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