Methods To Effectively Remove Glitter Makeup

This is the most beautiful time of the year – for glitter makeup! No holiday party or New Year’s Look is complete without a little sparkling eyeliner, a layer of sparkly lip gloss or a dusting of dazzling highlighter. While these sparkling accents add a special touch to your makeup at this time of year, trying to remove every last […]

Apply Foundation Easy Steps To Follow

We’ve managed to quickly fix that botched eyeliner and even that smudged lipstick, but if there’s one step in your makeup routine you really don’t want to mess up, it’s foundation. One mistake and you’ll have to start all over again. To make sure your complexion always looks perfect, here’s how to apply foundation. Step 1: Start with a smooth […]

Celebrate New Year With These Glitz Gleaming Eye Looks

Eyeshadow is the staple of every glamorous makeup look. So why not go in a different direction for one of the most fabulous days of the year? Swap your glittery eyeshadow for something more elegant this New Year’s Eve. Discover Glitter Eye, a high-gloss alternative that produces unexpected pigments. Still need convincing? Check out the most inspiring glossy eye makeup […]

Easy Ways To Style Short Hair

Let’s dispel the myth that people with short hair can simply get out of bed and walk. People with short hair face many of the same problems as people with long hair, like frizz, cowlicks, frizz – the list goes on. Plus, you have less hair to work with on those days when you simply can’t. Whether you already have […]