Lately we have only two moods when it comes to eye makeup: either we are too lazy to apply it, or we want to experiment with graphic and bold Looks. There is no intermediary – Well, in fact, there is quite a bit, and this is The eyeliner of the inner corner.

With this Look, The eyeliner is applied along the inner corners of the eyes-sometimes only on this area (that is, when we feel little care) or on this area and along the upper lash line (when we feel more ambitious). It is easy to make and looks especially fun with colorful shades. Check out some of our favorite versions of the trend below to get inspired to create some inner corner Eye Looks for yourself.

Monochrome Brown

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes proves with this Look that Burgundy eyeliner is not as intimidating as it looks. If you dare, follow her example and wear it with a matching lip.

Winged double eyeliner

What could be superior than a wing? Always two. Fortunately, the inner corner frame is much easier to create (just slide it along the face) than an outer corner frame.

sapphire Stripes

If a fully drawn eye with a bright sapphire liner seems a little too much, just add shadows to the inner and outer corners, as makeup artist Chloe Pultar did here.

Neon Dream
Rowi Singh gets extra credit for adding pigment strokes in the inner corners after creating an already impressive neon orange gradient eye.

Color keys
Lighten the black eyeliner and accentuate the inner corners with a bright color. And if you really feel special, apply a sapphire mascara like the original L’orealparis Makeup volumizing mascara in cobalt sapphire.


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