To be honest, when there is no big event coming up, I just blow dry my hair in the air. I don’t have to take care of my hair in the morning to keep my daily beauty routine short, which I like. However, I admit that air drying can feel like playing with fire — it’s perily and I never know what I’ll get. Some days I have beach waves and other days I look like a giant frizz. For more consistent results, I asked the experts for help.

Before that, I called Lisa Lobosco, creative director of ECRU New York, Kristin Ess, founder of Kristin Ess Hair, and Carolyn Aronson, founder of it’s a 10 Haircare, to find the right way to air dry hair, depending on your hair type. If you are like me, you need your professional hairdresser advice.

How to air dry straight hair

“For straight hair, a serum is the best product for a smoother finish, and a fine-tooth comb helps to smooth out knots and tangles,” says Lobosco. To do this, try the ecru silk Nectar serum. You only need a few drops to moisturize your hair and give it shine.

How to dry wavy hair in the air

If you want to accentuate your waves while they air dry, Ess recommends using a sea salt hair product on damp hair and crumpling your strands to encourage more waves. Redken Fashion Waves 07 Sea salt lacquer adds definition and a flexible hold. Once the hair is completely dry, follow with a texturizing spray. We love the Garnier Fructis Tease Style Textured Finishing Spray for its affordable price (MSRP $4.29) and the tousled effect it leaves behind.

Do you prefer a smoother surface? Ess recommends applying conditioner to wet hair without rinsing it and adding the weightless Air Dry Shine Cream to the center and ends of the hair once it is dry.

How to dry curly hair in the air

Air drying curly hair requires a few steps to minimize frizz. The initial is to never use brushes on wet curly hair, says Lobosco. Instead, you should use your hands to detangle and gently apply the product. The brushes will break your curls and will eventually favor frizz.

“Start by squeezing as much water as possible and follow it with a looping product to bring out the texture,” she explains. “A good tip is to take large handfuls of hair and cut them so that the water does not weigh them down and stretch the curl while it dries.”

You can further define your curls by twisting the hair sections after applying your product and your hair is still damp. When choosing a styling product, Aronson says: “Thick and curly hair needs a cream formula to control and reduce frizz.”She recommends that it be a magic potion 10 magic potion 10. we also like the Matrix moisturizing cream that a curl can dream of.

How to dry hair in the air

Wrapped frizz-free and air-dried hair should add moisture. “Apply the conditioner to wet hair without rinsing, then apply a moisturizing styling cream such as the ultra Moisturizing Curl No-Rinse cream,” explains Ess. Then curl your hair with a t-Shirt or a soft towel. Once the hair is dry, finish it with a hair oil or a thick balm to seal in the moisture. Try the divine power without rinsing cream from the goddess daughter of Carol, which contains castor oil to prevent breakage.

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