Early beauty trends still dominate our social networks, but let’s be honest: some styles seem a little too young to be applied in the real world. Elaborate hairstyles with lots of ribbons and clips and make-up in matte pastel tones can look very school-like. That’s why we turned to makeup artist and influencer Britney Delgado of @glamxbrit to create a modern 2000s hair and makeup look. Read on to find out how to replicate it.


Apply foundation

Your foundation should be super natural and luminous. Use a light foundation like YSL Beauty Bare Look Tint. Highlight your cheeks with a pink cream blush like Maybelline New York Cheek Heat in Coral Ember (30). If your skin tends to be oily, fix it in a targeted way with NYX Professional Makeup’s Can’T Stop Won’T Stop Mattifying Powder.


Layer your eyeshadows

Apply the peach-colored eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s Cyber Eyeshadow Palette all over your eyelids. Next, apply the brick-red shade Bite to the outer corners of your eye, stretching it out like eyeliner. Use the gadget to blend along the lower lash line.


Add a touch of shimmer

Apply a shimmery pink shade like Jumbo NYX Professional Makeup Eye pencil in Strawberry Milk (605) to your eyelids. Then finger-apply a pale pink shade like Call It from the Cyber palette for a lighter metallic look. Stretch it up to the lower lash line to highlight the sparkling eye.


Define the lashes and (optional!) embellish the eyes.

Close the eyes with mascara. Delgado also added gorgeous heart-shaped glitter to the inner half of her eyelids.


Apply gloss


Start cutting hair

For your hair, separate two one-centimeter sections at the front of your hair and secure them on either side of your head. You can tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail so that it doesn’t get in the way.


Finish the half-tied look.

Evenly separate the front sections into four smaller sections. You can use the pointed end of a comb or even a pencil to draw clean, precise lines. Then pull each of these sections over the head and secure with rubber bands. The pink rubber bands match your make-up and give off a superb Y2K spirit.

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