Eyeliner is not your basic makeup. Not only can it change your Look from subtle to dramatic, but it can also shape your eyes and give the Illusion that you are taller, more elevated, wider or rounder. And just like skin tone and hair type, not all eye shapes are the same. Whether you have almond-shaped, monolid, round or hooded eyes, there are different application techniques and products that will make you stand out the best. We consulted with makeup artist Emily Oliver to find out which eyeliner looks are right for her.

Almond eyes

How do you know if you have almond-shaped eyes? Check Your Iris. If they are slightly covered at the top and bottom of your lids, they have an almond shape.

While almost all eyeliners flatter your eyes, you can enhance your almond shape by drawing a thin line from the inner corners and strengthening the thickness as you approach the outer corners. “Take a pigmented Liquid Liner and press it into the lash line according to its natural shape,” says Oliver. Since almond eyes usually reach the ends, keep the lining tight and clean it with a small strip up.”

For a soft and smoky look, also align your lower lash line and coat the upper and lower outer corners a little. We recommend the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner for its ultra fine tip.

Recommended makeup looks

If you are trying to make eye makeup look like almond-shaped eyes, the key is to improve what you have. Use a lighter shade on the lid and a darker, more intense shade on the outer crease to make your shape stand out.

With Hooded Eyes

News Flash: Hooded eyes and monoliths are not one. In fact, a hooded eye shape is exactly the opposite of a monolith, because there is an eyelid – it hangs just above the natural crease of the eye, which makes it difficult for you to see.

If you have hooded eyelids, thin Liner looks are more difficult to see, which means that a thick and bold wing adds extra definition to your eye. Oliver recommends a waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner like the superhero IT Cosmetics Liner to make sure the makeup doesn’t disappear or smudge into your lid. “Slide the liner into the lash line to prevent the product from going too far above the eyelid,” she says.

Recommended makeup looks

Brighten your eyes with a strategically placed highlighter. Apply a champagne or silvery beige shade to the inner corners of the eyes and to the frontal bones, mixing the product for a soft and diffused finish.

Eyes down

The lowered eyes are quite explicit. They take an almond shape, but dip or hang in the outer corners.

There are ways to simulate a lift to the shape of your eyes, if you wish. “Start the line much higher than you think — tilt your head back and make a line that extends 45 degrees from the center of the eye outward to the temple,” Oliver suggests. A Film on the lining at the far corner will instantly make your eyes look open and upscale. Try an ultra-precise liquid Liner that allows your eyes to look up longer (we love the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner).

Recommended makeup looks

Use bright, contrasting colors to make your eye stand out. For example, this neon eyeliner look will give your eyes a touch of color and a boost.

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