As we dust off our puffy winter coats and bring our sweats out of retirement, many of us can’t help but dread the length of winter. To break the monotony of dark winter days, we recommend adding a little glamour to your nails in the form of icy, snowy nail art. From snowflake designs to cold sapphire tones, you’ll find all the winter nail art inspiration you need on Instagram.

What’s cooler than being cool?

Who doesn’t love a statement nail? This acrylic nail set with sweater detailing on the middle and thumb nails guarantees good cheer, even if the holidays are over.

Cold as ice

Think of these nails – which even contain glittering icicles – as jewelry for your fingers. We love the way @louiseannabel.nailartist mixes and matches different colors, textures and designs for a unique look.

Finished and dusted

Varnish your nails with Essie of Quartz, a holographic unclad pink that shines like a pile of fresh snow on a winter morning.

Completely frozen

At the sight of this lovely Arandelle-inspired acrylic nail set, you can’t help but smile, even if you’ve just washed your hands.

The storm is falling

Enhance the classic mani with glittering dots and hand-drawn white stars that mimic the tiniest snowflakes.

Frozen Tips

The term ‘Frozen Tips’ takes on a whole new meaning when you see this nail art design by @miumiumanis. in the middle the glitter, the snowflake details and the smooth, matte finish, we can say that frozen tips are back in fashion.

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