This is the most beautiful time of the year – for glitter makeup! No holiday party or New Year’s Look is complete without a little sparkling eyeliner, a layer of sparkly lip gloss or a dusting of dazzling highlighter. While these sparkling accents add a special touch to your makeup at this time of year, trying to remove every last trace of glitter from your face is rarely a joyful experience. To make the process of removing glitter a little easier, below are three useful tips from professional makeup artists.

Tip 1: the bigger, the superior

If the only thing that prevents you from doing glitter makeup is the removal process, celebrity makeup artist Terri Bryant recommends choosing a product with Chunky glitter spots. “Thinner glitter tends to really hold up and doesn’t lift the skin as easily as larger glitter,” she says. However, if you prefer The appearance of finer glitter, professional makeup artist Brittany Lo suggests keeping the glitter on your lips with a shimmering lip gloss (our favorite is Nyx Gimme Super Stars professional Makeup! Plumping Lip Topper) because it is relatively easy to remove compared to other glitter products without leaving any traces (if any).

Tip 2: Take a lint roller

Before grabbing your cleaner, Bryant suggests starting the removal process with a lint roller reality check. “For a face full of glitter, I gently roll one reality check at a time to remove most of the glitter from my skin,” she says. This technique is especially useful for packaged glitter looks (think high intensity looks or glitter lips). If you notice glitter fallout during your makeup application, you can use adhesive tape to fix the spots without ruining the already existing makeup. “While almost all types work, I suggest medical tape, because it works wonderfully without the need for pressure,” Bryant says. “Light and gentle tapping movements are enough.”

Tip 3: Double Cleaning

Bryant and Lo both agree that a double cleanse is the best choice to remove every last stain — but it needs to be done gently. “You want to avoid rubbing the skin that just moves the glitter around the face,” Bryant says. Start by using an oil-based cleanser, such as Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, to break down the adhesive that keeps the glitter on the skin. Follow with another mild cleanser or a cleaning glove to effectively remove stubborn glitter. “Remember, this is a process and it’s important to take your time when lifting glitter,” says Lo.

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